This comes from a recent survey we took anonymously of our graduates. Our Ryokan family is going places!

“Ryokan enabled me to get my doctorate while working. Great program!”

“I primarily teach special education at the middle school level. I have taught Child Abuse courses for Ryokan and other institutions.”

“I have a small private practice working in the areas of grief, loss and transitions.  Prior to retirement I worked for many years developing programs and running groups with Sex Offenders in a a state correctional facility and am still on call for groups and classes.  I am also on the Massachusetts Crisis Response Team.  My training at Ryokan was excellent.  I believe that one of the great strengths of the program is the use of “working” faculty as well as the supportive and nurturing  administration. ”


“Ryokan was a practical grounding after receiving my Masters in Counseling from Pacifica which is a Jungian based and consequently more theoretical in nature and approach.”

“Ryokan helped me prepare to take on the Director role for the largest private mental health clinic in New Mexico’s history. I have helped to create a healing atmosphere so successful, that I receive at least 5 resumes per month from individuals wanting employment there. Go Ryokan!”

“I am currently employed at 1736 Family Crisis Center as the Senior Director in charge of 140 staff, 200 volunteers, 5 shelters, 3 Community Centers throughout Los Angeles County.”

“Doctorate degree did not help me get licensed, I was already MFT licensed. Doctorate degree has increased my income.”

“My experience at Ryokan College was exceptional; it truly enhanced my professional career. ”

“I was a licensed MFT prior to taking the PsyD coursework at Ryokan. My PsyD degree is non-clinical and thus, I have not taken any doctoral licensing exams.”

“My educational experience was excellent.”

“I am a licensed marriage family therapist and a child development specialist. My title is sole proprietor for my business and I am contracted with a non-profit multicultural organization called Personal Growth Institute. Since I am working on my dissertation to graduate from Ryokan College, I am not having as many clients as I normally would.”

“I am receiving an exceptional education at Ryokan College.”

“I am a licensed alcohol and drug counselor (2010) and have completed 2300 of the 3000 hours necessary to sit for the MFT exam.  Currently I am registered with the state as an MFTi and with CAADAC and I am a PsyD candidate looking for work and/or an internship.”

“After receiving my Ryokan MA counseling psych degree in 1991, I completed my supervised hours in one year, passed my written and orals test on the first try and was licensed in 1992. I worked in private practice and within the jails and criminal justice system for 12 years, post license. I published a book in the field and closed my practice to pursue screenwriting and film production, which I continue to do.  I have retired from psychotherapy, but I am neither retired, nor unemployed.”

“Last position was at Friends Research Institute.  Prior to that, I was at The Salvation Army.”

“Excellent learning experience.”

“I loved Ryokan. I am a licensed clinical psychologist in both California and Connecticut.”

“I’m at LA Gay/Lesbian Center Psych Assistant for hours.”

“I am currently a Post Doc. psych asst. in a private practice.  I am currently studying for the exams for licensure. ”

“Ryokan College provided an excellent education.”

Kudos to our students and Alumni for doing such excellent work!

  • Joel A. Germond, Psy.D.

    I obtained a Psy.D. from Ryokan College in 2007. I slowly accrued hours and became a licensed psychologist in April 2002. At that time I became the chief of the psychology unit at Westside Regional Center in Los Angeles California, an agency with about 7,500 clients. In 2007 I left to take a job as a psychologist at California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation due to their excellent pay and benefits. I was also able to relocate to the San Luis Obispo area where I wanted to live. After approximately a year I became a Senior Supervising Psychologist and I currently run a large clinic within a California state prison. I have no regrets from my choice to attend Ryokan and due to the affordable cost I also have no student loan debt, which is not true for many if not most of my peers. JG

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"I chose Ryokan because it was convenient, flexible and affordable. I still work, have a family, take care of my aged mom, own a home, etc. The online classes work best for my busy lifestyle. Without their flexibility, I would not pursue this."

Bob Kennedy, MS, MFT (current doctoral student)

"I had attended two California State Universities and received a Master’s Degree from each before attending Ryokan College to acquire my doctorate in Clinical psychology. My second Master’s Degree was from California State University at Dominguez Hills—the program was completely online and there was virtually no difference in the quality of education I received from an accredited California state university and Ryokan college."

Dr. Jann Blackstone-Ford

"My experience at Ryokan from the initial interview through graduation was one of encouragement, motivation and compassion. I have referred others to Ryokan without hesitation knowing first hand that the school is always a part of my mind and I will always be grateful to Ryokan for giving me that chance."

Honey Pietruszka, Psy. D. PSY