We do not require Scholastic Aptitude Tests or Graduate Record Exams. Nor do we look at your former class rank or past grade point average.

We shift the focus from grade point averages, test scores and final examinations to activate and enhance what is already held in the mind and the heart.

Interview with the Dean

Licensing requirements dictate type of degree necessary to enter graduate program, but more information can be discussed during the interview process due to specific circumstances, unit transfers, special certifications and Experiential Learning for Bachelor of Arts degrees.

The interview answers two questions. Is the student right for Ryokan? Will Ryokan meet the student’s needs?

We may be the school for you.

Although, if we are not the school for you, we gladly offer alternative suggestions because we know finding the right school can be complicated, and information, tuition costs and course schedules often seem like comparing apples to oranges

We are here to support you. It’s what we are all about. We’ve been this way for over 30 years.

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Unique Education Approach

Smiley face Education for a special niche of students, offering affordable tuition, class schedules for working adults, and definite beginning and end dates.

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"I chose Ryokan because it was convenient, flexible and affordable. I still work, have a family, take care of my aged mom, own a home, etc. The online classes work best for my busy lifestyle. Without their flexibility, I would not pursue this."

Bob Kennedy, MS, MFT (current doctoral student)

"I had attended two California State Universities and received a Master’s Degree from each before attending Ryokan College to acquire my doctorate in Clinical psychology. My second Master’s Degree was from California State University at Dominguez Hills—the program was completely online and there was virtually no difference in the quality of education I received from an accredited California state university and Ryokan college."

Dr. Jann Blackstone-Ford

"My experience at Ryokan from the initial interview through graduation was one of encouragement, motivation and compassion. I have referred others to Ryokan without hesitation knowing first hand that the school is always a part of my mind and I will always be grateful to Ryokan for giving me that chance."

Honey Pietruszka, Psy. D. PSY