Is Pedophilia treatable or is it a lost cause?

by Ryokan College on January 6, 2012

Pedophilia is one of the more disturbing issues that psychologists may come in contact with during their years in practice. Pedophiles can be unusually difficult to have on a therapist’s couch due to the strong aversion one may feel towards them; the development of a sexual attraction and preference for children is seriously taboo in today’s society. Pedophiles have a serious and difficult to treat pathology, but is it chronic and untreatable? There are many views on the treatability of many psychopathologies, but pedophilia seems to be one of the most controversial and sensitive issues in the news today. Is pedophilia a mental disorder, implying that actions cannot be accounted for, or are pedophiles able to control their actions and manage their desires? Psychologists go back and forth in the curable versus treatable debate. Pedophilia is often considered a character trait, one that will never be cured but can only be treated and managed but perhaps the traits have developed out of other issues in their lives? Some therapists believe there may need to be serious and intensive work done to manage impulse control and reduce urges while other clinicians may think that there is no way to rehabilitate a pedophile and long term locked treatment is the only option. What is your opinion on the matter, are pedophiles curable or are they simply a lost cause?

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