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Ryokan College FAQs

by Ryokan College on April 24, 2012


1. Are you accredited?

-        Ryokan College is a California State Approved school and we are overseen by the California Bureau of Private Post-Secondary Education. We are not regionally accredited.  This may or may not make a difference depending on your career plans.  Most of our alumni start a private practice or work in a clinic and plan to stay in California.

2. Can I get licensed as a Psychologist in other states besides California?

-        Most states do not accept degrees from unaccredited, California State Approved Schools for licensure. You would need to check the licensing board in your state of interest to ensure reciprocity.  Some of our doctoral alumni who have moved to other states have become licensed Marriage Family Therapists or Mental Health Counselors instead.

3. What kinds of financial aid do you accept or offer?

-        We do not qualify for Federal Financial Aid but we do have several payment plans to offer our students. Our tuition is remarkably low, so most students are able to work out a plan within their budget and not spend the next 20 years paying off a student loan.

4. How much do the programs cost?

-        You can find all the pricing and financing information on page 88 and 89 of the Ryokan College Catalog .  The catalog is also on the website.

5. Why are the programs so inexpensive?

-        Ryokan is a non-profit college. We strive to offer the best education at the most affordable prices and have been doing so since 1978. We don’t have a large campus to pay for nor do we have to support a huge staff of administrators and tenured faculty.  We’re small and do quite well to provide excellent results for our students and alumni.

6. How long are the programs?

-        Ryokan College offers expedited educational programs to allow you to finish your degree quickly. Our programs range from one to three years. You can check the Ryokan College Catalog for more information on individual programs.

7. When are classes held and can I pick my own schedule?

-        We offer classes in the evenings to fit even the busiest of schedules. Our programs work on a cohort system, so you will meet your classmates online at a specified time one or two evenings a week.

8. When do the schedules come out?

-        We schedule classes in 6 month increments, so that you can plan your life. The schedules come out in April and October.

9. When do programs start and what is the enrollment deadline?

-        Graduate programs start in January and July of each year. Enrollment should be completed by November 1st or May 1st, accordingly, so you have enough time to order textbooks.  Bachelor of Arts programs start every 4 months (Sept, Jan, Apr, Jul).

10. Do you have on campus and online classes?

-        We currently offer only online classes. Our classes are live and interactive and we use a state of the art learning platform to enhance our student’s learning potential. We will be happy to show you around an online class if you want to learn more.

11. What is the online program like?

-        We are not a typical “correspondence” course like some online colleges. We offer live and interactive classes online in real time (synchronous learning). Our programs promote collaboration between students and professors through the use of live classes and message boards. One or two evenings a week, you are seated in front of your computer or connecting by telephone, talking to your classmates and instructors, looking at Power Points as the different topics are discussed.  It’s the closest thing to a real classroom you can get.  As far as we know, we are the only online school that offers real time, audio/visual participation.

12. Who are the professors at Ryokan College?

-        Our professors are practicing clinicians in the field of psychology. Our faculty will not teach old theories or out of date material; they provide a current view of the field due to their involvement in their own practices, in clinics, or through other endeavors.

13. What will be expected of me while I am in the program?

-        You will be expected to attend your scheduled classes, do the assigned reading, complete message board postings each week, and other assigned work determined by the instructor. Expect about 10 to 12 hours of work per week.

14. Can I work while in the program?

-        Of course! Almost all our students have careers.  Our programs are designed for the busy professional, the working mom or dad, or to be completed while working on an internship.

15. What can I do with my degree from Ryokan College?

-        Lots! We have a great reputation in the field. Our alumni work in private practice, write, produce research, teach, and work in clinics around the United States and overseas. Want to know more? Check out our testimonials here!

15. Can you get me an internship or a job when I have graduated?

-        We can certainly help you look for a job or internship. We get frequent announcements from our alumni who are looking for interns or assistants. We cannot guarantee that you will get a position in a certain part of the city with a certain client population using a certain approach.  We can give you the contact information for every clinic and clinician in the State.

16. Why is personal therapy required for some programs?

-        All psychology programs require personal therapy. It’s important to know what it feels like to be on the client side.  We require that you do your own personal psychotherapy work during or within 3 years of starting the program to ensure that you are the best clinician you can be once you start working with clients. Your own therapy is a crucial part of understanding yourself and the psychology field.

17. I want to get licensed, what do I need to do?

-        First, determine which license would be right for you. Check out the differences between the various licenses here! If you still need assistance deciding, set up a meeting with someone from the college, who can walk you through the licensing process.

18. What are the admissions requirements?

-        Every program is a bit different, but basically we need an application, an autobiographical essay, official transcripts, and a pre-admissions interview. You can find all of that in the Ryokan College Catalog.

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